Emile Haddad (Seattle), MFA – Principal

Emile is the principal of Catalyst Business Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Mr. Haddad began his career in the field of architecture where he honed his ability to hold his creative vision and then bring it into the detailed and practical implementation necessary for success. His international work and bi-cultural/bi-lingual background led him to an interest in the power of understanding mental models as a means to navigate social differences and build cultures of excellence in the workplace.

Emile’s personal experience in development and growth has led him to recognize the importance of supporting individuals in the workplace to cultivate their awareness about their impact on each other and on the team as a whole. He began working with individuals and teams providing trainings that illuminate the process of managing complexity within the system and exploring mental and emotional models that lead to crafting clear personal intentions and expanded organizational vision that reflects, not only profit and growth strategies, but also includes the desired human and interpersonal dynamics within the organization.

The primary focus of Mr. Haddad’s organizational change and personal development work has been to help companies identify the particular and cultural context found underneath the challenging issues within their business environment and to guide teams in discovering more effective mental models that can underpin the desired cultural values within the organization.


Our Values

Our core values are summed up in three words Self-awareness, Integrity and Transparency. We have purposefully built them within the frameworks we teach to develop a conscious engagement of these values within the individuals and organizations we work with. These were our founding values and have stood the test of periodic re-evaluations.

Self-Awareness – “Know thyself” – is our intrinsic responsibility that we endeavor to live by and to promote within the individuals and companies we work with. Through self-awareness all of us are empowered to be accountable to our actions and their impact on our surrounding environment.

Integrity – “Walking the talk” – is our calling to act honestly from our truth. As we engage with our clients from this position we uphold the existing integrity found in every business environment and within every individual.  We find that the higher the integrity level is within a given system, the easier it is for individuals to feel invested and committed to the vision of the organization.

Transparency – “To thine own self be true” – is our charge to be open, straightforward and considered in our engagement with others.  Promoting this quality through our trainings and coaching methodologies builds understanding and trust, avoids conflict and creates more cohesive teams.

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